2016 Callanan/Merrill Middle School Wrestling Program(Roosevelt High School)

7th & 8th Grade Wrestling for Roosevelt (Callanan/Merrill)

First day of practice is Thursday October 20th at 2:50pm (Parent meeting at 6pm on the same night, Thursday October 20th) Callanan students will ride activity bus #611 to Roosevelt High School.  Merrill students will ride activity bus #546

Roosevelt High School Wrestling Room

The activities bus will take student athletes to Roosevelt High School from Callanan & Merrill.

Practice Days & Times: Monday’s, Tuesday’s Thursday’s Friday’s from 3pm to 5pm.  When our competition days start we will practice on days we don’t compete.  Wednesday’s we do not have practice however we have open room times for kids to come in and work on individual technique.  We will have more information on that at our parent meeting.

Why wrestle? To learn the fundamentals of wrestling in a positive environment that produces student-athletes that are responsible, accountable, trustworthy and honest.  We also believe in having character in everything we do.  Always represent yourself and our wrestling program in the right way.

What to bring to Practice: We are getting this information out early so you as parents will have plenty of time to go get wrestling shoes for practice and wrestling meets.  We do not allow street shoes in our wrestling room.

  • You will need a towel for showering after practice. (All wrestlers will shower after practice no exceptions)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Clean underwear and clean clothes to put on after practice.
  • Clean socks
  • Mouth piece if you have braces top and bottom
  • Work out gear will be provided but it will stay at Roosevelt High School to be washed.

Contact Information:

Please contact head middle school wrestling coach Michael Lewis at ma3lewis.ml@gmail.com  or at 515-689-0191.  If you are a Callanan student you can come to my classroom to pick up an information sheet to take home and have your parents fill out.  If you are a Merrill student, Mr. Luft will have the information sheets and sign up sheets in his office.


MS Wrestling schedule

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