6th, 7th, & 8th Grade School Supply Lists

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

6th grade supply list

2- 1 inch 3-ring binders

1- pocket folder

2- 3-whole punched folders

4- expo markers

1- pack of index cards

2- 24 packs of pencils

2- highlighters

4- packages of loose leaf paper

1- box of Colored Pencils

4- glue sticks

1- roll of paper towels (optional)

2- rolls of scotch tape (optional)

3- boxes of Kleenexes (optional)

1- calculator (optional)

Callanan will supply all 6th grade students with additional required composition notebooks, spirals,

plastic pocket folders, and a 3-hole pencil case.

7th grade supply list

4- folders with prongs

2- college-ruled composition notebooks

1- spiral notebook

2- boxes of a dozen pencils

Boxes of Kleenex (optional)

Standard flash drives (optional)

Glue (optional)

Markers (optional)

Colored pencils (optional)

Paper towels (optional)

Clorox wipes (optional)

Sticky notes (optional)

Additional boxes of pencils (optional)

8th Grade Supply list-1

2- composition notebooks

2- wide-lined spirals

3- folders any color

5- green folders, with prongs and pockets

3- boxes of pencils

1- graphing paper notebook

3- boxes of Kleenex (optional)