Vision/Mission/Collective Commitments



The Callanan community inspires and celebrates student success and life-long learning.


Breaking Barriers, Building Futures


 Relationships:  We value being connected in a way that conveys trust, belief, and acceptance

Respect:  We value treating each other with care, consideration, even in challenging moments.

Integrity:  We value adhering to moral and ethical principles.

Honesty:  We value relating to each other in a sincere, informed, and straightforward manner.

Responsibility:  We value being accountable for our actions and following through with school expectations.


We believe in ensuring the social, emotional and academic growth of all learners to promote a safe and positive learning environment.

Consistently enforce school-wide expectations

Intentionally teach citizenship, organization, teamwork, collaboration, character, social skills, self-regulation and emotional and physical safety


We believe learners are supported best when provided differentiated instruction that is relevant and engaging.

Provide engaging activities at students’ levels and learning styles by offering voice and choice

Plan collaboratively using data and share strategies to meet multiple needs of students


We believe that positive relationships are the foundation for a productive learning environment.

Seek out meaningful interactions with students, parents and colleagues

Always treat kids with dignity and respect


We believe that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.

Live and teach a growth mindset

Offer rigorous opportunities to all kids and allow them to process collaboratively