Sisters For Success

About Sisters 4 Success 

Sisters 4 Success was created in 2002 to support and build on the strengths of our young women of color throughout Des Moines’ middle and high schools. Our students participate weekly in community building activities, visit college field trips, attend conferences and field trips and listen to guest speakers.


Advisor Information: 

Ms. Wright is deeply connected to the Callanan community. She was a former student of Des Moines Public Schools and now is a dedicated educator of 15 years. Currently, she teaches 6th Grade Global Studies. Her main goal is to inspire and encourage young ladies, like herself, to become their Best Self! She is driven to be a reliable coach, cheerleader, and teammate in the journey of life for our students. 


Advisor Name and Email:

De’Angela (Nikki) Wright


Meeting Information:

Fridays from 3:45-4:45p.m.

Room #138


Additional Information:

This multifaceted program that will include some, or all of the following activities:  

Mentors – BWW’s (Black Women Working), guest speakers, community businesses and sorority organizations  

Meetings (4) – 3 before, middle, or after school, 1 field trip and/or guest speaker  

Clubs and Activities (field trips, college visits, service projects, cultural identity sessions/workshops, conferences)  

Community Service (school/district, community)  

Community Education – Classes featuring topics and activities that are not available to students during the school day  

Data Collection – progress reviews, individual goal sheets  

Family Activities – End of the year celebrations